I’ve got good news for vegan taste buds everywhere. I was doing my usual bubble tea run at Jansen’s Market in NOYES, when I stumbled upon new cookies displayed across the second fridge to the left. They are produced by the “Alternative Baking Company” and contain no eggs, dairy or trans fat. Plus they have savory flavors for everyone’s taste including (but not limited to) “Collosal Chocolate Chip,” “Luscious Lemon Poppyseed,” “Double Chocolate Decadence,” and my favorite “Explosive Expresso Chip.” No more deciding between one vegan option. 🙂

And even if you enjoy the moo moo edible goods, you should definately munch on these! The texture of these cookies is something else. They are dense, chewy, moist, and soft. I microwaved the espresso one (it was an actual tip on the wrapper) and it tasted homemade. I highly suggest dunking them in some vanilla soymilk. I know… does it sound over the top? I’ve got a terrible fever for sugar.

The Alternative Baking Company’s optimism towards veganism and their vegan products is a no brainer. Their website demonstrates their effort and time put into their goal. You guys should definitely check it out: http://alternativebaking.com/index.cfm. The website is full of information regarding the basics of veganism to the company’s more specific motives.

Bottom Line: Even if you’re not interested in veganism, try the cookies. They’re crack!