Why not, for my first post of substance on this blog, write about someone who hasn’t eaten a bite of food in four years? Roger Ebert (of Siskel and Ebert, Ebert and Roeper fame) has no jaw after a bout with cancer and feeds himself through a tube directly into his stomach. He cannot taste or smell, or talk.

Somehow, miraculously, Mr. Ebert recently published a cookbook documenting myriad experiments with his favorite kitchen tool, the humble rice cooker. Yes, Roger Ebert cooks often, for his family and friends and despite his affliction claims that he knows how his dishes taste and smell by the reactions and descriptions of those who enjoy it.

Certainly an inspiration and a damn good food writer, after all the man did win a Pulitzer for his decades of service to those who watch and read about movies and the film industry. Check out the article on the NYTimes website.