I try to wake up early on days when I don’t have class until later in the day so that I can prepare myself disgustingly indulgent breakfasts. Why not? My go-to for most of this year has been hashbrowns, in various forms and incorporating whatever I have around in the kitchen. I think zucchini would be good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway, let’s get to it. You’ll need:

Potatoes: you can shred or slice them, I like these little matchsticks because they’re fun to cut and eat, but ultimately are more work.
Fat: at least a tablespoon per 2 potatoes. Try a combination of butter and olive oil. Bacon fat is, of course, awesome as well.
Seasonings: salt and pepper of course. Some thinly sliced onions work well too.

Once all your mise en place is ready (look it up, you’ll seem like a culinary bigshot and people will start calling you a “chef”) put your sauté pan on your stove and heat it on medium-high heat for at least a minute, if not two. Don’t do this with a nonstick pan. Once the pan is hot, add your fat and allow it to melt and coat the pan. Before it starts smoking, add your potatoes (and whatever else you want). Leave this for a few minutes to get a little crusty and delicious. After a couple minutes use your best wrist flick or spatula to move the potatoes around the pan for maximum goldenness.

That’s really it. Keep flipping and waiting until the potatoes are cooked. If they cut easily with your spatula they’re ready to go, or taste them. Once you’ve got the basic technique down you can apply this to almost anything and make some damn fine hashbrowns. They totally worked on my girlfriend when I made them this morning.

With Feta, which seems like overkill until you try it and realize that it IS overkill and that overkill is a beautiful and nearly pornographically delicious thing.

Enjoy it, maybe I’ll do an accompanying egg post soon, for the full morning feasting experience…

French pressed coffee. This photo honestly makes me tear when I look at it. Holy shit.