Hi everyone! My name is Tejal (pronounced Tay-jul if you were curious), and I am going to be posting to the CGC blog on occasion.

I don’t cook as much as I would like, so I am in no way a food expert, but I like to cook when I can (though that does become a challenge at school), and I DEFINTIELY like to eat. Soooo, my posts will probably be more about food appreciation because who doesn’t appreciate food? 🙂

Last weekend was the joint Cornell Bread Club and Cornell Gourmet Club Bread and Spreads Party! There was amazing food, lots of people, and great conversation. It was (unfortunately) my first and only CGC event so far 😦 I hope to attend more events in the future, because this one was so fun! Below are some picture from the event:

Here’s to eating YUMMY food! 🙂