Hello Fellow Foodies!

Sorry it has been so long, I have desperately been waiting to post about the AMAZING weekend the Cornell Gourment Club at Upenn a couple weekends ago, but alas, school-work trumped my food writing. 😦

I am so excited to give you all an overview of the awesome events:

First of all, fittingly, we ate So. Much. Delicious. Food. We had an awesome dinner that was inspired from Native American foods as well as a breakfast of the most delicious bagels I have ever had and some really yummy pastries (including a millet muffin, which was wayyyy more delicious than it sounds).

One of the dishes from dinner

Yummy Yummy Millet Muffin

Apart from the eating, we started the weekend with some really good discussions from everything from food writing, to the restaurant industry, to celebrity chefs, to sustainable food. We also had some panelists with experience in each of those topics who taught us about their experiences. I definitely left the weekend with a LOT to think about.

Then (and I can’t contain myself), WE  MET DEB FROM SMITTENKITCHEN.COM!!!! (She was one of the panelists) I assure you, she is just as awesome in person! She is so humble and so personable. We heard her talk about how her blog came about and about her blog in general. She told us that she started cooking only once she got married, and that she has had to become more creative once she had her son! Below is a creeper shot of her (haha):

She’s all the way on the right


We ended the weekend with – wait for it – a food competition! Everyone was split into teams, given ingredients they must incorporate, sent to the grocery store, and given 1.5 hours to create a yummy dish. It was my first food competition, and it was soooo fun! Also, a Cornell team won 🙂

Picture of the winning dish

Peace and food