Summer is drawing to an end, and its time to begin a new semester filled with culinary explorations. Stay tuned for delicious posts on all things gourmet;  cooking, tasting, restaurant-going, travel, and maybe even some poetry this year. Please read, comment, and enjoy!

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A moment of silence please. According to an article in the Huffington Post, researchers have determined that oysters are “functionally extinct,” meaning they no longer play significant roles in most of the ecosystems where they were once naturally abundant.

Fortunately the harvesting and cultivation of oysters is still alive and well, meaning they won’t be absent from your next event deserving of the most sensual and elegant of mollusks. Keep them in mind today when you’re stuffing atomic wings and terrible beer down your throat, the oysters won’t be celebrating…

…my name is Lloyd. This is me:

Credit: M. Schilling

A few of my favorite foods to eat: oysters (brinier is better), ricotta cheesecake, t-bone/porterhouse steak, beets, whitefish salad.

And to cook: bread, smoked ribs (really smoked anything), complicated salad dressings, pasta from scratch.

So I’ll be your guide for this coming year of gourmetism and I think this blog is and will be a great resource and recipe database and compendium of everything good to eat. Read, contribute, comment, go crazy.

Link to a story on a man who died in the middle of a cake-eating contest.