So I always go on Pinterest and see all these DELICIOUS looking dishes, and I really want to eat them! So I decided that this summer I am going to try to make as many as I can. The first one I made was an amazingly comforting cauliflower soup which was only with 5 ingredients, completely vegan, and surprisingly filling (and it’s just as gorgeous in real life as in the picture). Now, I am not a huge Martha Stewart fan. So to my disdain, the next dish I made is one of hers. I do have to say though, it was quite delish. It was poached eggs and asparagus on top of fettuccine. Then I did a small salad and some roasted tomatoes with some cheese and herbs on top. It was my first time poaching eggs, but it really wasn’t a big deal, I did break 2 though!



The Meal (please excuse the computer!)



So I guess I will be posting some more dishes that I make this summer! Maybe I will even try baking!! Okay, that’s being optimistic, but we shall see. I am really excited for what I am making this week: it’s going to be a Thai curry. Thai food is my FAVORITE. So I am very very very excited. I hope it is gooood.


Here is the recipe for the pasta if you like 🙂